Artist Cathy Graham Hosts A Book-Signing Event for VERANDA’s Clinton Smith in New York City

Artist and entertainer Cathy Graham hosted a cocktail party for members of New York City’s design industry to celebrate Veranda Inspired by Color, editor in chief Clinton Smith’s new book. Guests were treated to live piano music, and champagne and signature cocktails. More than 100 guests attended the gathering, including Anthony Baratta, Maria Canale, Alex Papachristidis, Scott Nelson, Carolyne Roehm, Amanda Nisbet, Robert Rufino, Max Sinsteden, Ashley Whittaker, Matthew Patrick Smyth, Jill Cohen, Miles Redd, Laura Hunt, Carolyn Englefield, Susan Gutfreund, Ellie Cullman, Harry Heissmann, Richard Keith Langham, Christopher Mason, Michael McGraw, Charlotte Moss, Courtney Coleman, William Brockschmidt, Josh Greene, Claire Potter and Christopher Spitzmiller.


Photos by Ayano Hisa for Editor at Large