TIMOTHY BROWN | timothy brown studio


OCTOBER 2011                                             New York, NY                                        PHONE: 212-255-4895                            WEBSITE: timothybrownstudio.com

Blending timeless classics with an intelligent, contemporary approach allows New York based designer Timothy Brown to curate relevant and comfortable spaces for his clients. His dedication to the process of collaboration– respecting the clients’ aesthetic, while his attention to detail edits out the excess– creates livable, well-tailored environments with his signature warm minimalism.


BLAKE BRUNSON | miles redd interiors


SEPTEMBER 2017                                             New York, NY                                        PHONE: 212-674-0902                              EMAIL: blake@milesredd.com WEBSITE: blakebrunson.com

Blake Brunson joined Miles Redd’s acclaimed design firm in 2010. She has designed and managed projects in Brooklyn, California, and the Bahamas. She graduated from The University of Alabama in 2010 with a degree in Art History. She has been influenced by Redd’s use of color, and sense of traditional modernism, but has come to have her own unique voice. Brunson favors interiors that are deeply detailed but with an edited modern flair.  Brunson has written and produced stories for House Beautiful and Architectural Digest. She has lived in New York City for many years, though Alabama will always be home.


DOUGLAS CLARK | janice parker landscape architects

Douglas Clark.jpg

MAY 2018                                                Greenwich, CT                                              PHONE: 203-340-2824                           EMAIL: douglasc@janiceparker.com  WEBSITE: www.janiceparker.com

Douglas Clark, who holds a masters degree in Architecture, joined Janice Parker Landscape Architects in 2012.  As a licensed Landscape Architect, he believes that successful designs create environments that emphasize the complementary nature of design, built heritage and cultural landscapes. As part of his training he engineered studies of urban, cultural and environmental design for a built environment design program in France and Brazil.

Douglas Clark May_1.jpg
Douglas Clark May_2.jpg

MELANIE CODDINGTON | coddington design

Melanie Coddington.JPG

DECEMBER/JANUARY 2010                         San Francisco, CA                                        PHONE: 415-285-2821                             EMAIL: info@coddingtondesign.com WEBSITE: coddingtondesign.com

Coco Chanel's quote "it’s not the houses I love, it’s the life I live in them,’” inspires Melanie. Coddington's work. “Whether it’s a more formal residence or one for a family whose children run the home, my goal is to design sophisticated spaces my clients can fully embrace," Melanie says.

PALOMA CONTRERAS | paloma contreras design


NOVEMBER 2014                                           Houston, TX                                            PHONE: 832-509-3967                              EMAIL: paloma@palomacontreras.com WEBSITE: palomacontreras.com

Paloma's design sensibility is a modern take on traditional style—pairing classic silhouettes and timeless pieces with an infusion of glamour and color. While based in Houston, she has completed design projects throughout the country. Her first book, Dream. Design. Live. will be published by Abrams in September 2018.

palomacontreras 1.jpeg
palomacontreras 2.jpeg

KATE COUGHLIN | kate coughlin interiors


MAY 2013                                                 Boston, MA                                            PHONE: 617-269-2620                              EMAIL: kate@katecoughlininteriors.com WEBSITE: katecoughlininteriors.com

Kate developed her own take on traditional design after working for famed designers Mark Hampton and Bunny Williams. Specializing in sophisticated yet livable interiors, the firm is known for creating layered and timeless spaces by incorporating antiques with new and striking a subtle balance between high style and discretion.


WILLIAM CULLUM | jayne design studio new york

William Cullum.jpg

OCTOBER 2018                                           New York, NY                                           EMAIL: wcullum@jaynedesignstudio.com WEBSITE: www.jaynedesignstudio.com

William Cullum grew up in Columbia, South Carolina, where his love of architecture and design was furthered by his parents. His interest in 18th– and 19th-century architecture brought him to Charleston, where he completed his bachelor of arts at the College of Charleston in both art history and historic preservation. After graduation, William joined Jayne Design Studio in 2011.

While at Jayne Design Studio his interest in the Victorian period led him to complete the Victorian Society in America’s London Summer School in 2014 and the Chicago Summer School in 2015. He presently serves on the board of the alumni association of the Victorian Society Summer Schools.

William is currently lending his expertise in historic decoration to a variety of projects, including an antiques-filled house in Westchester,  a property in upstate New York with an Arts & Crafts garden, and a Texas house by architect Charles S. Dilbeck.

William Cullum Oct 2018_1.jpg
William Cullum Oct 2018_2.jpg