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JAMES DOLENC & THOMAS RIKER | jamesthomas interiors

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OCTOBER 2004                                    Chicago, IL                                        PHONE: 312-738-7300                            EMAIL:     WEBSITE:

At JamesThomas, we describe our interior design aesthetic as effortlessly elegant and infused with joy and a sense of hospitality. As a team, we are equipped to bring a unique duality to our projects. We balance on-point project management and client communication with inspired interior designs. We capture and communicate our clients’ point of view and their lifestyle through design with warmth, generosity, and affection.

ERICK ESPINOZA | anthony baratta


NOVEMBER 2017                                          New York, NY                                      PHONE: 212-966-8892                            EMAIL:     WEBSITE:

I’m a designer who is passionate about color, pattern and thoughtful design. In my mind, practicality does not equal boring. Because I come from a background of architecture, painting and drawing, I was able to dive right into interior design without hesitation and using color is in my DNA. I graduated from the New York School of Interior Design with a BFA in Interior Design and have worked with Mr. Anthony Baratta for 7 years

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COURTNEY HILL FERTITTA | courtney hill interiors


APRIL 2013                                                   Houston, TX                                        PHONE: 713-526-8880 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Courtney Hill Interiors is a boutique design firm with an appreciation for continuity and known for refined and intentional spaces.  Our designs embody elegance in everyday living.  Since 2001, Courtney Hill Interiors has worked to infuse style & a tailored, polished aesthetic into interiors through a thoughtful balance of modern touches mixed with a respect for the past.


DANIELLE FENNOY | revamp interior design

Danielle Fennoy.jpg

DECEMBER/JANUARY 2010                          New York, NY                                      PHONE: 212-354-1980                             EMAIL:     WEBSITE:

Revamp Interior Design is a boutique design studio working on residential, commercial, and hospitality projects.   We specialize in transforming spaces, reinvigorating the look and feel based on the specific needs of our clients. Our designs meld practical solutions with edgy elegance: we thrive on creating inviting environments with unexpected elements that leave a lasting impression.

CARRIE FUNDINGSLAND | houseplay interior design

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DECEMBER/JANUARY 2010                          Sierra Madre, CA                                        PHONE: 323-333-7545                          EMAIL:                   WEBSITE:

At HOUSEplay, our goal is to inspire and enhance the beauty, comfort, and function of a home. We are careful not to dictate style to our clients. A diversity of design ensures that we realize each client's ideal living environment.

FAWN GALLI | fawn galli interior design

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OCTOBER 2005                                          New York, NY                                          PHONE: 212-792-2263                             EMAIL:   WEBSITE:

Fawn Galli Interior Design is a full-service residential and commercial firm. With a nod to the past but a focus firmly tuned to today, Fawn creates inspired interiors melding traditional and modern with a mastery of color. Her layered interiors are distinctive and reflective of each client’s taste and lifestyle.