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MAY 2016                                                      San Francisco, CA                                              PHONE: 415-580-1999 EMAIL:  WEBSITE:

Eche Martinez is the founder of San Francisco based interior design firm ECHE. The virtuosity of the firm’s work is influenced by Eche’s background in architecture and luxury branding. His work draws on these experiences as well as a broad range of cultural references to create spaces that feel at once timeless and exciting.

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KATIE MARTINEZ | katie martinez design

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JULY/AUGUST 2018                                      San Francisco, CA                                        EMAIL:  WEBSITE:


Katie Martinez is an interior designer based in San Francisco. Together with her talented team, she aims to create livable, beautiful, and unique interiors for her clients. Katie holds degrees from Dartmouth College and Parsons School of Design. 

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LESLIE MAY | leslie may designs

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OCTOBER 2005                                      Chapel Hill, NC                                              PHONE: 919-225-3430                              EMAIL:  WEBSITE:

My approach to decorating for life is all about knowing where to splurge and where to batten down the hatches. In my own home and my clients’ I create spaces that embrace fun, boisterous living and all the chaos that comes with it, but are still chic, elegant and completely cozy. Creating a fabulous family home is not about foregoing the dazzling details that make a space special, but about layering them in where they are immune to the jostles of real life. 



SEPTEMBER 2013                                        HOUSTON, TX                                                      EMAIL:   WEBSITE:

In 2012 Bailey McCarthy realized through her design work that there was a lack of heirloom quality bedding for her generation. She created Biscuit as a brand that would fill this space by designing and selling luxury bedding with fun designer prints, keeping the process rooted in the tradition of south and manufactured in the USA.

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EMILIE MUNROE | studio munroe


OCTOBER 2016                                                San Francisco, CA                                              PHONE: 415-525-4282                              EMAIL:  WEBSITE:

Emilie Munroe describes her work as that of a translator, channeling a client’s personality and lifestyle into physical reality.  With 15 years of experience working on luxury interior design projects ranging from urban high-rise apartments to suburban homes to rural estates, Emilie ascribes to no signature aesthetic.  Rather, her signature is found in the collaborative spirit, attention to detail, and joie de vivre incorporated by her studio into every project.  Working with a curated team of craftsmen, artists and installers, Emilie creates personal and luxurious spaces that embody her belief that a home should be the perfect backdrop for the life lived inside.

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