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PHILLIP GORRIVAN | philip gorrivan design

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OCTOBER 2005                                          New York, NY                                              PHONE: 212-228-8242                              EMAIL:  WEBSITE:

Philip Gorrivan Design is a multi-disciplinary design firm incorporating interior design, architecture and product design with offices in both New York City and London. The firm brings its wide expertise and tailored modern taste to high-end private residences, commercial properties, yachts and hospitality projects in the United States and abroad; creating spaces, furniture and fabrics that are at once fresh and new, yet elegant and classic. Philip’s carefully edited aesthetic stems from his passion and study of the decorative arts and the history of architecture juxtaposed with contemporary art and new techniques and finishes.

CHAD GRACI | graci interiors, ll


DECEMBER/JANUARY 2017                          New Orleans, LA                                              PHONE: 504-452-0051                              EMAIL:  WEBSITE:

A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, Chad Graci received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Louisiana State University then continued his education at the New York School of Interior Design. Over ten years of experience with leading designers like David Easton, Michael Carbine, and the late Greg Jordan has honed his signature look. A traditional, glamorously approachable style defines Chad’s work. From living and working in Los Angeles, New York City and abroad he has acquired a keen eye for juxtaposing high style antiques and vintage finds alongside modern pieces resulting in a rich, collected look.  Drawing upon the influence of his architectural background, Chad understands the relationship and interplay between furniture, fabrics, accessories, and a solid architectural framework.  In 2009, Chad returned from New York City to his hometown to build a business in the city that he loves.


ROBIN HENRY | robin henry studio


JUNE 2015                                                   New York, NY                                        PHONE: 646-409-3099 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Based in New York and Connecticut, Robin Henry Studio is an interior design practice known for its use of color, refined furnishings, and imaginative detail. Robin works side by side with clients to convey their vision and personality through gorgeous, expressive, thoughtful, orderly and appropriate spaces, brought to life with unexpected details, simple but delightful gestures, and respect for vernacular. 

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DAVID HINTGEN | dh interiors


OCTOBER 2004                                                 Denver, CO                                        PHONE: 720-280-2196 EMAIL:  WEBSITE:

With a restrained elegance, remarkable textures and soothing color palettes, David’s projects are as inspiring as they are handsome. Backed by 18 years of experience and vast industry relationships, David’s position is preserved as one of Denver’s leading interior designers.

ANDREW HOWARD | andrew howard interior design


MARCH 2013                                                     Jacksonville, FL                                        PHONE: 904-389-5100 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

If things went according to plan I would be a comedian or a pro golfer… But in reality my jokes aren’t that funny, and I couldn’t get close to par if my life depended on it.  Being a part of a family of four interior designers this path was unavoidable, however I am incredibly passionate about design and look forward to going to work every day.