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NOVEMBER 1998                                            New York, NY                                                     WEBSITE:

Our firm specializes in high end residential, luxury condominium and hospitality in addition to co-owner of the boutique bespoke lighting studio ABYU Lighting.

“My greatest source of inspiration is the NYC, from its architecture to fashion and culture, we love to include all these elements in our interiors.”

THOMAS PHEASANT | thomas pheasant


NOVEMBER 1998                                      Washington, DC                                      PHONE: 202-337-6596                            EMAIL:     WEBSITE:

Thomas Pheasant is internationally recognized for his 30 years of creating interiors and furniture. With personal residences in Washington, D.C. and Paris, he focuses his creativity on residential and commercial projects throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. Celebrated for his modern vision of classical design his diverse accomplishments have included the 1997 Andrew Martin Interior Designer of the Year Award, the distinction by Architectural Digest US in 2005 as a Dean of American Design, the 2015 John Russell Pope Award by the Institute of Classical Architecture, and most recently the 2016 Design Icon Award for his contributions to the design industry. His book, Simply Serene: The New Luxury for Modern Interiors, published by Rizzoli, brings to life the serenity and classic imprint that are Pheasant’s signature.

His furniture design collections include, Thomas Pheasant Collection for BakerThomas Pheasant Collection for McGuire and his own collection of limited edition and unique pieces, Thomas Pheasant STUDIO.

CHRISTOS PREVEZANOS | studio preveza


APRIL 2012                                                      Los Angeles, CA                                              PHONE: 323-591-1836                              EMAIL:  WEBSITE:

Studio Preveza is a collective of designers, creatives and artisans based in Los Angeles. Creating strong interior stories, the studio draws from timeless themes of beauty, comfort and intuition. Known for simple frameworks that combine complementary and contrasting ideas, historical references, colors and textures, their work encompasses a range of residential and hospitality projects.

TINA RAMCHANDANI | tina ramchandani creative

FEBRUARY 2018                                              New York, NY                                            PHONE: 212-321-0037                                WEBSITE:

Tina Ramchandani Creative (TRC)  is a full service design firm that creates interiors that are modern, sophisticated and relaxed. TRC's turn-key service makes it easy for clients to move into a completed home with minimal stress. Tina Ramchandani incorporates her vast experience and global perspective into her own signature style to deliver a warm layered aesthetic that enhances your lifestyle and invites you to truly “live” in your bespoken space. Tina places a strong emphasis on artwork, couture pieces and custom elements, within the client's budget. While creating unique, livable environment for clients Tina incorporates local artists and artisans to bring spaces to life, and showcase clients personalities in their homes.

ALEXANDER REID | alexander m. reid

Alexander Reid Sept 2018.jpeg

SEPTEMBER 2018                                           Los Angeles, CA                                             EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Born in St. Louis and residing in New York City, Alex Reid began his career by designing homes for celebrities and tastemakers at One Kings Lane.

Alex’s love for interior design begins and ends with a belief that a person’s surroundings directly influence their quality of life and that spending time perfecting the details is part of making that life well-lived and fully enjoyed.

Largely influenced by the past, Alex appreciates the juxtaposition that vintage details add to a modern space. He enjoys creating homes and spaces which feel layered, balanced and personal.  It’s all about the mix. 

Alexander Reid Sept 2018_1.jpg
Alexander Reid Sept 2018_2.jpg

CHAD RENFRO | chad renfro design

DECEMBER/JANUARY 2010                          Palm Beach, FL                                            PHONE: 516-503-3128                                     EMAIL: WEBSITE:

Chad is called upon for his expert use of color, texture and finishes.  He believes that stunning interiors should transform the lives of those within. In 2007 he founded Chad Renfro Design, a full service interior design studio with offices in Florida and Oklahoma and projects around the globe.