EMILIE MUNROE | studio munroe


OCTOBER 2016                                                San Francisco, CA                                              PHONE: 415-525-4282                              EMAIL: design@studiomunroe.com  WEBSITE: studiomunroe.com

Emilie Munroe describes her work as that of a translator, channeling a client’s personality and lifestyle into physical reality.  With 15 years of experience working on luxury interior design projects ranging from urban high-rise apartments to suburban homes to rural estates, Emilie ascribes to no signature aesthetic.  Rather, her signature is found in the collaborative spirit, attention to detail, and joie de vivre incorporated by her studio into every project.  Working with a curated team of craftsmen, artists and installers, Emilie creates personal and luxurious spaces that embody her belief that a home should be the perfect backdrop for the life lived inside.

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